Client feedback

Henri Gérin, Esq., Bio Protéine, Coaticook

“It is my pleasure to express my honest appreciation of the work Mr. Jean-Guy Boulet performed in the course of the mandate we gave him. We especially wish to acknowledge how well he listened to our expectations, his professional rigour and the quality of the documents we received. This collaboration was a real pleasure for us.”

Véronique Lalonde, human resources advisor, Ceratec

“I wanted to thank financial security advisor Dany Boily. You really have no idea how many costs you’re saving us from. Everyone at Ceratec thanks you!”

Roger Robitaille, forest engineer

“A comprehensive report that focuses on the fundamentals: marketing, procurement and manufacturing costs. The recommendations for supporting a developing sector are relevant and realistic. This is an operational tool that can orient the project towards a fruitful future—in a word, a product that entirely fulfills our expectations and then some. Thank you!”

Caroline Roy, economic development advisor, SADC de Témiscouata

“Mallette is a multidisciplinary team, with field people, customer-facing people who know the realities we have to face. Their network of contacts is excellent, and they are always on the lookout for business with a rigorous and customized approach. They respect deadlines and give feedback throughout the process, producing concrete results that enable good business decisions.”

Eugène Roy, Métabetchouan‒Lac-à-la-Croix

“In this article, Mr. Fortier from Mallette shows the Quebec firm’s philosophy and the importance of its outreach. From his words, I understand that the Métabetchouan‒Lac-à-la-Croix office is absolutely integrated into the company’s philosophy. Therefore, I think we ought to be proud of having them in our city!”

Solange Godbout, Garage Mario Leroux

“I have to congratulate you: our financial statements are produced quickly and very soon after the end of the year. Being able to move on to the next year so quickly is quite nice.”

Édouard Malenfant, Externat St-Jean Eudes

“WOW! We are deeply moved by your involvement, and the very positive perception we already had of your organization is confirmed! You are unquestionably leaders and “accountants” that completely blow away the dull stereotype of your profession.”

André Langlois, Forex Langlois CEO

“What I love about Mallette is the professionalism and availability of your resources.”

Jérôme Coutard, Ph.D., FILTERIS CEO

FILTERIS was able to rely on the Mallette team in Québec to prepare and file its SR&ED claim to the Canada Revenue Agency. We were followed from beginning to end with professionalism and attentiveness by a team of experts who knew the relevant laws and government requirements like the back of their hand. Our request ended up being 100% accepted, and so it is without reservation that I recommend Mallette’s specialists to any company for which results and efficiency are a pair.”

Françoise Mercure, attorney, Cain Lamarre Casgrain Wells

“I want to thank you for the excellent briefing on the impact of Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises. Your welcome and the relevance of the presentation were highly appreciated, and I have no doubt the lessons we learned will be very useful to us in our daily practice.”

Jean-François Caron, ADMA, runs several private and public companies

  • Gestiparc, a Vinci Park subsidiary, is a company that increases the value of the moveable assets that are car parks through leading-edge management practices
  • Avalanche manufactures clothing that meets the high standards of ski resorts, ski professionals and all those involved in winter and mountain work.
  • Rouge et Or Golf offers an excellence program for golf-loving Laval University students.

Alain Bilodeau, JAMEC CEO

“Mallette isn’t just an accounting firm—it’s an important business partner which, over the years, has been able to advise us on a number of strategies and interventions. Whether on a fiscal or a strategic assignment, its sense of duty and great expertise in many areas have allowed us to grow. To the whole Mallette team: thank you.”

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