Development of human resources tools

The product

The development of human resources tools is essential to support managers in their daily interactions with their employees. Some of the tools that Mallette develops include:


  • An employee guide that explains the labour relations standards and practices in effect in the company (for example, policies that list the requirements for compliance with labour standards, occupational health and safety, human rights, internal policies, the work environment, conflict resolution, teamwork, pay equity, training and skills development, etc.)
  • A profile of responsibilities (a short document that clearly and concisely describes the primary responsibilities and qualifications of a position)
  • A performance assessment system (tools development, identification of performance indicators, coaching for meetings with staff members and training for assessors)

Target clientele

A company that needs to establish a structure, build tools and implement a formal framework for the management of human resources.

Client benefits

The development of human resources tools enables company management to:


  • Attract qualified candidates
  • Retain employees who are performing well
  • Increase employee motivation
  • Foster the development of employees by making full use of their skills

Mallette professionals have extensive experience in developing human resources policies and procedures.


We listen to you, ensure that we understand your needs and propose solutions that are adapted to your objectives.


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