Process optimization

The product

Success in business depends on the ability of a company or organization to adapt to new market realities. Mallette supports you in this process of optimizing your organizational efficiency. Mallette’s solutions follow a structured approach to the re-engineering of your business and organizational processes. We work to meet the needs of today’s companies. Our solutions include:


  • Activity value assessment
  • Review and optimization of current processes
  • Subsequent review of policies and procedures
  • Accountability assessment
  • Development of added-value processes

Target clientele

Growing companies that wish to improve their organizational efficiency. Organizations, corporations and
decision makers that wish to quickly adapt to the new Public Administration Act.

Client benefits

Process optimization enables companies to:


  • Promote staff accountability and involvement
  • Maximize the skills and motivation of resources
  • Integrate added-value duties
  • Improve organizational performance

Mallette’s professionals care about your company’s success and work to find optimal solutions to implement added-value processes. Our objective is to build up your staff’s accountability and engagement by implementing high-performance processes.


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