Performance Indicators

The product

Mallette supports company decision makers when they must meet the ongoing requirements of rigorous, performance-oriented management. These managers must systematize and improve their management process, especially the monitoring of activities and evaluation of results.


We provide them with solutions that take the form of performance indicators set out in a balanced scorecard. A balanced scorecard provides decision makers with constant access to essential information, so that they can respond to the first signs that action is required.


To provide company managers with access to this critical information, Mallette uses the following approach:


  • Comprehensive analysis of the information available to management
  • Assessment of needs related to performance indicators
  • Implementation of a balanced scorecard that includes indicators of desired outcomes and meaningful milestones, which are easy to analyze, interpret and use.

Target clientele

Decision makers who wish to implement and improve a management information system.

Client benefits

Establishing customized and measurable performance indicators enables to:


  • Identify the nature and scope of objectives
  • Influence the direction of company management
  • Develop a rigorous, performance-oriented management system


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