Replacement and temporary loan of accounting staff

The service

Mallette recruits accounting staff for our clients. We have created a database of over 3 000 accountants with a wide range of experience, some of which are interested in working on a temporary basis. Mallette can help you find the temporary staff you need. Our approach stands out from other recruiters:


  • As an accounting firm, we have excellent knowledge of the role played by the accountants, no matter the job or hierarchical position within an organization
  • We only recruit accounting specialists. We have a better understanding of each candidate’s specific skills
  • We offer competitive salary treatment as well as a number of social benefits to accountants taking temporary work
  • We follow up on the accountants on a regular basis to ensure that they are adapting to their workplace and will stay on until the end of the mandate (organizational sponsorship)
  • We also conduct a thorough follow-up of temporary staff to ensure that they are performing according to expectation (technical sponsorship)
  • If our temporary staff is unsatisfactory, one of our permanent staff can take over (in certain circumstances)

Target clientele

Corporate executives, managers or human resource managers who must make up for the extended absence of one of their permanent staff members or handle an overload of work for a short, long or very long period.

Advantages for the client

We offer a systematic, effective recruitment process and a sponsorship system that help, among other things:

  • Meet quickly candidates who fulfill the profile required
  • Make certain that temporary staff member respects the agreement
  • Ensure the quality of the staff members’ performance and total involvement

We are one of the most important public accounting firms based in Quebec. We therefore mainly attract accounting professionals. Mallette’s recruitment and staff selection specialists offer an effective and unique approach to help you get the staff you need.


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