Work organization analysis

The product

When Mallette professionals carry out a work organization analysis and an organizational structure review, they enable companies optimize to the role and responsibilities of current services/departments, to review job descriptions and to find options for implementing a work organization that is better suited to the organization’s realities.


Mallette professionals provide solutions that help you to implement the required strategic adjustments by supporting all human resources factors related to the following objectives:


  • Clarifying and delineating the roles and responsibilities of each position
  • Ensuring an appropriate match between staff skills and job requirements
  • Optimizing the contribution of each staff member
  • Fostering better management and coordination
  • Enabling resources to complete their work according to appropriate deadlines
  • Enabling all staff to contribute to the organization’s shared vision and general direction
  • Contributing to the improvement of services provided

Target clientele

A company that seeks to optimize the roles and responsibilities of its members, and thus improve its work organization.

Client benefits

A work organization analysis and an organizational structure review are useful in that they can improve a company’s efficiency by proposing a work organization that best suits the company’s realities and the services it provides.


Mallette has extensive experience and relies on a team of competent professionals to effectively lead an analysis of companies’ work organization and a review of their organizational structure.


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