Recruitment and selection of accounting staff

The product

Mallette recruits accounting staff for its clients. We have created a database of over 3,000 accountants with a wide range of experience. Our recruitment and staff selection professionals are always on the lookout for qualified people who want to take on new professional challenges and are likely to meet our clients’ needs. Here are the reasons why we stand out from other recruiters:


  • We recruit only finance and accounting specialists
  • We qualify each candidate in our database (according to experience, main accomplishments, career aspirations, mobility, etc.)
  • We communicate with our candidates on a regular basis in order to follow their skills development and confirm their interest in new challenges
  • We have excellent knowledge of the role played by the accountants, no matter the job or hierarchical position within an organization

Target clientele

Corporate executives, managers or human resource managers who want to recruit competent staff in the shortest possible timeframe.

Advantages for the client

We offer a thorough, effective recruitment process. Among other things, this process allows us to:


  • Meet quickly with candidates who fulfill the profile required
  • Reduce time and cost associated with specialized staff recruitment
  • Maximize your chances to recruit the best candidate for the job

We offer a guarantee on candidates that we propose and that you hire.


We are one of the most important public accounting firms based in Quebec. We therefore mainly attract accounting professionals. Mallette’s recruitment and staff selection specialists offer an effective and unique approach to help you get the staff you need.


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