Risk Management

The product

All businesses are subject to a variety of risks arising from internal and external factors. Risk management as proposed by Mallette allows a business to:


  • Identify and analyze the risks that it faces
  • Assess its degree of tolerance towards these risks
  • Establish an effective organizational structure and plan to manage and keep risks within its tolerance level

Mallette’s approach emphasizes the following steps:


  • Assessment of business risk – allows a business to identify and measure its risks and categorize them in order of importance
  • Development of a business risk management plan – ensures efficient decision-making and monitoring of each business risk identified
  • Definition and implementation of a risk management solution process – defines actions to take in order to maximize efficient use of resources, processes and technologies in place
  • Measurement and supervision of the business risk management process – based on structured consultation, helps a business measure the impact of its business risk management processes and identify ways to improve them

Target clientele

All businesses concerned with planning their development, taking into consideration the risks to which they are exposed and analyzing all the internal and external factors influencing them.

Advantages for the client

Mallette’s quality service on risk management allows the following:


  • Complete analysis of a business and of its business environment
  • Awareness of the external factors that influence its strategies
  • Improved operational and strategic decision-making, which can often spell the difference between success and failure

The professionals at Mallette will provide you with technology- and methodology-based solutions, all based on an in-depth knowledge of risk, processes, systems, and industries, all supported by one key element: their business intelligence.


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