The product

Outsourcing enables your organization to procure, on a temporary basis, external resources that ensure the accounting and financial services it requires for its current operations.


These resources carry out tasks that are complimentary to those of your employees. These tasks can range from the simple accounting task of recording daily transactions to more complex tasks associated with the position of controller or director of finances.


These resources can also replace yours when they are temporarily assigned to other duties.


Finally, these resources can periodically collaborate with you during busy times of the year, for example on a quarterly basis for open corporations.


It should be noted that Mallette will be considered to be operating independently from your organization so long as the positions filled do not involve decision-making responsibilities.

Target clientele

An organization that permanently or temporarily has vacant positions within its accounting or finance departments, and that does not seek to hire additional staff in the short term.

Client benefits

Organizations that use Mallette’s outsourcing services can very quickly fill any positions that are essential to their operations, without interrupting their regular activities.


Mallette’s network provides companies with the qualified, supported employees and the high-quality accounting and finance outsourcing services that they require.


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