Audit of financial statements or other financial information

The product

Mallette efficiently and effectively carries out audit mandates entrusted by all organizations, in compliance with the standards laid down by the various jurisdictions governing the Chartered Professional accounting profession. Mallette’s approach encompasses the following :


  • Validation of its independence from your organization
  • Analysis of your needs and familiarization with your activities
  • Identification and assessment of risk
  • Evaluation of controls in place
  • Completion of substantive and compliance testing
  • Audit of the existence, completeness, ownership and presentation of data and other financial information
  • Drafting of an independent auditor’s report attesting to the compliant presentation of financial data and the observance of generally accepted accounting principles
  • Drafting of a statement of observations and recommendations to improve the management and protection of your organization’s assets

Target clientele

All organizations needing to comply with legislative requirements or to meet the needs of its creditors and shareholders, or to comply with any other need.

Advantages for the client

An audit of financial data allows an organization to :


  • Enhance the credibility of its financial data with creditors, shareholders, tax authorities and others
  • Make an informed judgement on the quality of internally generated financial information
  • Get advice about improving the protection of the organization’s assets
  • Get advice for sound financial management

The professionals at Mallette benefit from ongoing training and have the appropriate tools and techniques for your business line. They will be able to deliver certified and accurate financial data.


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