Mallette has extensive expertise in the assurance of financial information published by companies and organizations. Our firm is built on the strength of multidisciplinary teams made up of professionals who have a wide range of experience and skills covering all sectors of economic activity.


With advanced knowledge in our field through rigorous and ongoing training and the experience we have gained through our many engagements, we propose services based on the best possible business solutions. Mallette has several assurance professionals who excel at making a difference for your business by helping you get concrete results that meet your highest expectations.

Assurance services

  • Auditing of financial statements or other financial information for which we issue an auditor’s report
  • Examination of financial statements or other financial information for which we issue a review engagement report
  • Accounting for your operations and other related services, including the recording of transactions, processing of payroll and preparation of various government reports
  • Outsourcing, which consists in offering complementary or replacement services for tasks carried out by your accounting or financial departments
  • Internal auditing, which is a management tool that makes it possible to meet the assurance, conformance, risk management and profitability requirements of the company
  • Diligent care you can rely on throughout any business acquisition process
  • Business risk management, where risks are identified and better controlled to mitigate their negative impacts


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