Actuarial Services

Mallette is a progressive firm that sets itself apart by the variety of services proposed. Always attentive to the needs of its clients in the area of deferred compensation and risk analysis, Mallette offers actuarial support services. The corporation is home to skilled actuaries, providing clients with a highly specialized service to meet their specific needs.


In addition, through the team effort of our actuaries, chartered accountants and tax experts, our professionals are in the best position to assist clients in the following areas:

Group Insurance

  • Needs analysis and implementation of group insurance plans
  • Study of available options on the market
  • Analysis and recommendations regarding the choice of suppliers
  • Analysis of the financial aspects of your group insurance plan
  • Rate setting
  • Taxation related to employee benefits
  • Financial agreements
  • Financial considerations related to administering and paying benefits
  • Accounting impacts of a group insurance plan

Pension Plans

  • Needs analysis and implementation of pension plans
  • Drafting, recording and editing of pension plan texts
  • Cost assessments for changes made to pension plans
  • Accounting related to pension plans

Specialized Services for Life Insurance Companies

  • Support in the quantification, classification and sharing of risks

Actuarial Expertise

In disputes:


  • Quantification of damages
  • Problem solving

In mergers and acquisitions:


  • Quantification of liabilities in the area of deferred compensation


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