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Mallette is a group of 4 Independent legal entities; Mallette LLP, Mallette inc., Mallette actuaires inc., and Mallette syndics et gestionnaires inc. Mallette counts 28 well-established offices across Quebec, with more than 800 employees working in various sectors. Furthermore, Mallette is the leading Quebec-based accounting firm who offers the broadest range of professional services dedicated to SME.

Your needs

Mallette tailors its services to the needs of each community it serves. More than 60 services can be found in the “Our services” section. Expertise for specialized needs can be accessed using the sites listed below. Exclusive multidisciplinary and inter-regional services can be found here in strategic teams.

Other Mallette's website

Mallette actuaires inc.

This interactive site enables our group insurance clients to communicate with each other, with their insurer and with Mallette.


Mallette syndics et gestionnaires inc.

This site clearly details the solutions available to individuals and companies in financial difficulty.


Mallette inc.

Mallette inc., is a Chartered Professional Accounting Corporation and an independent affiliated Firm with Mallette LLP  since March 1st, 2015.



Through it circles of discussions, IDE helps organizations to improve their performance, to be more flexible on the current world’s market and to develop preferred contacts.




Careers at Mallette

Mallette is a leader in 28 communities and an employer of choice. Driven by a strong corporate philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit, it is the 6th largest accounting firm in Quebec and 10th largest in Canada.